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Tribal Dailect Language Section

Tribal Dailect Language Section


Great efforts are taken by this section to create the appropriate atmosphere to bring about educational developments and progress among the children in the tribal areas. For this reson a more easier, quicker and effective way is adopted by way of imparting education throught their own colloquial dialect, specially to the pupile of std I and II and the pupils from std. III and IV can be taught throught marathi language. Hence the tribal dialect language project was established from the year 1975.
Objectives :

  1. To take all efforts to reduce the dropout-level in the puipls from the tribal belts.
  2. To helps the adivasi pupils make a change over gradually from their mother tongue to marathi language.
  3. To help the adivasi pupils increase their achievement level.
  4. To plan the training programme for teachers who will be working in tribal areas and dont know the tribal dialect.

Activities :

There is a vast difference between the tribal dialect spoken and understood by the adivasi and the medium of language used in the schools. Hence in order to shorten this vast difference and promaot the expected progress, in the adivasi pupils and in the teachers who teach them, an educational chart based on the revised curriculum for warli, katkari, korku, and thakar is prepared in tribal dialect for std I and II , for language and maths. These chart are distributed in all primary schools, in the districts in the tribal belt. The proposal of the total cost of Rs. 18,00,000/- incurring for these charts has been forwarded to the governments, thought the letters dated 2/10/2005 and 13/3/2006, but it is not yet sanctioned.
In order to develop the professional skills and promote discussions, among the teachers employed in the school , in the tribal belt in the state, a workshop was arranged by MSCERT pune with the help and guidance of NCERT, new delhi, Deptt. Of education of Areas with special Needs, throught this section on the subject. A design of framework for professional Developments of teachers in multilingual and multicultural context in densely populated tribal states is being prepared. In this training programme, teachers will be trained and empowered, to keep in mind the language, cultural and environmental background of the adivasi children and how to impart quality education and promote progres within them. Teachers will be trained throught practical, demonstration and discussion method. During june, july and december 2011, the workshop were organized to develop training proposals of tribal districts. Training proposals of each and every district were developed according to their own specific needs.
At the end of the training programme, an empowerments framework will be prepared and proposal will be presented to MPSP, mumbai to the required funds.

Proformer – A

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Appendix – 6

Various literature published by the diffrents sections in the councile for the year 2008-09.

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Appendix – 7

Representation of MSCERT pune in the training/workshop/Discussions/Meeting, within the state and outsidt the state.

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