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Library Section

Library Section


Library was established in 1964. Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training, Pune has a wellestablished library. Over a period of time, the library has acquired latest books on education published On India and Abroad since its mceptiomn 1964.

Library subscribes Educational Journals, for latest information in the filed of education. To provide effective training the library is used as equipment. In the library approximately 75% books are available, on education and related to education 25% books on other subjects. Library also has books on NCERT, MSCERT Library also has last 15 years volumes of Educational Journal e.g. "Jeevan Shikshan" etc. and report of Director of Public Instruction of 100 years back.

Library Collection:

Books : approximately 24390 books are available in the library.

  1. Journals - 26 Education at and General Subject.
  2. Thesis - Ph. D. Thesis - 47.
  3. C.D's
Library also has video cassettes and CDs on various subjects and daily newspapers i.e. Times of India and Indian Express, English and Sakal, Loksatta, Pudhari, Prabhat, Lokmat, Maharshtra Times and Samana in Regional Language.

Library Users:

Director, Jt. Director, and all staff of MSCERT, Staff of Institute of Vocational Guidance and Institute of Audio-Visual Education, Pune take benefit of this library.

  1. MSCERT conducts various training programmes, for the District Education Officers, Extension Officers and Trainees of financially Assisted Scheme. All such trainees who attend these training programmes avail the library facilities.
  2. Interested Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Principals, Ph.D. and M.Phill (Edu.) Students use this library occasionally.
This library also provides reference for preparation of various books, which are published

by MSCERT. Library also provides references, to prepare syllabus of Std. 1st to 8th and Syllabus of Diploma in Education (1st and 2nd year). Library also provides reference, to prepare various educational reference books.There are Dictionaries of various languages, which are helpful for translation work.Government educational news, which is published in newspapers, are cut and filed together, so that they can be easily available, whenever the need for reference arises. In this Golden Jubilee year library Computerized. It helps to provide services effectively.