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Curriculum Development Unit

Curriculum Development Unit

Action taken report :

According to changing time, national social and personal requirments also changes, and cope with these changes it is------to servise curriculum from time to time this responsibility of curriculum formation considering the cultural and educational values of maharashtra, is vested with MSCERT pune 30. Curriculum developments unit which came in to exitence with year 1975-76 in the section that shoulders the responsibility of curriculum formation periodic renamed.
As per the free and compulsary education for children act 2009, giveular dated 7 march 2012. Director, maharashtra state council of educational research and training has been declared as the nodal agency by govt.of maharashtra.

Objectives :
  1. To translet and renew the curriculum from time to time.
  2. To keep teachers information with periodic changes in curriculum throught training.
  3. To prepare the time table for implimentation of new curriculum.
  4. To adequate teachers with the changing teaching, learning and calculation procedures throught trainings.
  5. To develop materials for training
  6. To provide opinion to Govt regarding new/varied throught/trends in educational field

2) Activities the unit during the year 2012-13 :-

  1. Formulation of state � level curriculum reformation committe :- A state level comitte of government employees for formulation and inplimantation of new curriculum was formed under the chairmanship of hevi director,MSCERT pune 30.
  2. Formulation of medium-wise and subject-wise curriculum commite Mediumwise and subjectivewise 17 subject curriculam committes were A a list of subject wise expert were collected from among pry teacher, secondary teachers,lecturers/professors of universities, representative of NGOs, perssons associated with same special projects representatives from govt, semi Govt Educational institutes, representative of DIETS throught various regional officers were selected giving representative to all regians equall. Generally there are 17 mto 25 members in a subject committee and a chairman is selected from among them
  3. A team of 3 subject axpert visited NCERT during july 2011 to collect information about their curriculum by visiting various department for four days.
  4. Subject planning : -
    Govt of maharashtra gave function for new curriculum prepard as per NCF 2005, free and compulsary education for children Act 2009, and SCF 20010 vide G.R no PRE/1212/( 6/12 ) pry edu 5 dated june 20. 2012 to reduce the number of subject affarts were and the of information was reduced ----- unfortantially, which is mentioned below.
    1. Enviornmental education of std 1 and 2 Which was a seperate subject earlier is ------- with maths, language and other subjects equally.
    2. For std 3 to 5, subject like general science --------- and ---------- were consolidated as a single subject enviourmental education part I and history --------- is to Enviornmental education part II. There is no change in history subject of std 4.
    3. The subject of std 6 to 8th is similar to the previous curriculum with at any change.
      1. Orientation for curriculum board members :-
      2. Orientation courses for members of curriculum board was held by subject expert of NCERT and expert in curriculum formation such as hori subeer shnkla resource persone who have inparted training in state level has provided guidence to the members under the supervision of Dy. Directors of Edu departments
For obtaining a specific objective for each curriculum board, they were provided the following documents.
  1. Ncf 2005
  2. Scf 2010
  3. RTE 2005
  4. NCERT curriculum/textbook
  5. The position paper repared by each group formulated during the development of NCF.
  6. State primary education curriculum 1988.
  7. State skill oriented curriculum 1955.
  8. State curriculum 2004.
  9. Curriculum frame works of form other state.
  10. Development of curriculum/syllabus :-
While formulating primary education currculum below mainted step were following.
  1. Point of view :-
    The main view ------ director of education was dicided by all curriculum board memmbers throught common disservassion
  2. Aim:- the ultimate aim of Edu � decided and ------
  3. Objective :- the various objective of --- --- ---- dicided to as to attain the primary aim of edu.
  4. The objective is learning each subject was decided by all subject committees.
  5. Units and submits as per the curriculum was decided and the points content to be ----- is it was decided and a subject from art was formalated keeping in --- the divertive of NCF 2005, RTI 2009, SCF 2010.
Formalation of curriculum framework
  1. First all the generlised vision by leaving each subject was decided.
  2. The majar aim and objective of pry education was decided.
  3. Deciding the objective by learning each subject.
  4. ----- as the curriculum of NCF and other prominunt curriculum or other ----
  5. Each subject committe was given the freedom to dicied upon the subject fram work as per requirments.
  6. The take of training pri education curriculum 2012 ( std 1 to 8 ) was ----other ------total 30 workshopers.
Verification of curriculum framework :-
Cheak list to verify whether expeeted topic point are --- in curriculum frame work.
  1. Cheak reoprt from member of curriculum commitee as per cheak list.
  2. First subjectwise external moderations by skilled experts and required modifications.
  3. Subjectwise cheaking of secundary curriculum is co-ordination with the expert of SSC board and in a parting changes if any
    1. Planning for finalization of curriculum ratermatic
    2. Opinions were limited from all over the state regarding curriculum framework.
    3. Questionair was prepared for compilation of opinion.
    4. Curriculum framwork was uploded in website.
    5. Rregion wise discussion session was organized for educational expert, representatiove of Govt/Non-Govt educational institutes, peoples representatives, pry teachers, scc teachers, etc.
    6. Workshoper organized for experianced teachers and parants is vidy prishad.
    7. Student were also included in this
    8. Positive ----- were inco-oprated in curriculum before -------
    9. Primary education curriculum 2012( std 1st to 8th ) was approved by Govt of maharashtra lid G.R No. Pre 1411/(175/11) pry edu. 5 dated 28th dec.
    10. Renewed time table for implimention of new curriculum 2012. Was submitted to Govt for approved vide MSCERT letter No. MSCERT/CDV/2013-14/2118 dated 25/06/2013 and the ---- was given approved of maharashtra governments vide Gove resolation no PRE/1411/(175/11) pry-edu-5 dated 2nd sept 2013.

The time table is as follows

June 2013 std I and II
June 2014 std III, IV, V
June 2015 std VI, VII, and VIII

Work done of curriculum development unit during 2013-14.

State level, dist level and taluka level --- pry teacher, teaching is std 1 and 2 as per new pry edu curriculum 2012 was organised ---- to the --- mentioned time table for the said pry trs try modul and hand book were prepared is marathi � and english for std 1 and 2 distributed throught at maharashtra about 115637 trs we trained all togather.

Note : - financial --- to dist and taluka level traning was provided to Edu off pry by MPSC mumbai.

Sr.no Name of training institute Subject of training period No of training No of expert
1 MSCERT (vidya prishad) pune.30 Pre education curriculum

1. State level trg of pry teachers std I to II

2. Marathi medium std I to II

3. Urdu and english medium std I to II

2/5/12 to 6/5/13

7/5/13 to 11/5/13

14/5/13 to 18/5/13






2 All Edu officer ( pry) Dist. Level trg ( marathi urdu and english medium ) June 2013 6938 for each std 416
3 All Edu officer ( pry ) Taluka level traning (marathi,urdu and english midium) June-july 115637 std and 2 6938 for each std
4 Vidya prishad pune- 30 State level primary of std std I to II Trg materils - - -