महाराष्ट्र शासन

Co-ordination Section

Co-ordination Section

The co-ordination section was formed to co-ordinate various sections and State levelinstitutions with the Council. Following activities are conducted by the section.

Objectives :
  1. To keep the of information of day to day activities of the council.

  2. To arrange and conduct quarterly meetings of the State level institutions which areaffiliated to MSCERT.

  3. plan and arrange the programmes on state and National days and other special days.

  4. To co-ordinate and monitor the Video Conferencing scheme under Edusat educational programme.

  5. to give approval to project and progrmmes that have a budget of less than 50000/- and recommend and forward to the governments the proposals of project and programmes whose budget is more than Rs.50,000/-.

  6. various state level institutions.

  7. To give permission to the students and educationists of D.T.Ed. B.Ed. M.Ed. to visit the Council and issue necessary certificates regarding their visit to them.

  8. To arrange and conduct monthly -- meeting of all officers and other staff of the Council.

  9. to plan arrange send off programmes for the officers and other employees on their birthday.

  10. To prepare the note on the functioning of MSCERT required for the meetings of theSchool Education Department.

  11. to give approval to the new progrmmes and training proposal of state level institutions.

  12. to arrange inspire award exibition and district / staf level science exibition throught SISE nagpur.