Extension Sections And Womens

1. Extention Section


This section was established in 1971 to develop Pri. and Sec. teachers Quality specially section works to know the new aspects and techniques in Education at every where.Objectives:

The Research Section is established from the year 1964, as per Govt. Resolution, Education and Social Welfare Department No. PTC/1063/A dt. 29/10/1963 to develope the research attitude for teacher in MSCERT.
The Research Section arranges and conducts variousprogrammes with a view to :

  1. To enhance the process of teaching-learning.
  2. To motivate new educational concepts and activities and spread all over the state
  3. Project Taluka to organize orientation programmes seminars etc. for the teachers working in Adiwasi, hilly areas of the State in order to update them towards the currents flow of education.
  4. To offer guidance to District Extension centres and subject teachers Associations.
  5. To organize State level competitions of innovative activities in order to find our creative and innovative teachers.
  6. To make use of schools gradation towards the development purposes.
1May 2012Dt. 29 to 31st May 2012Work Shop for Development of material for Teachers training aboutChild friendly Education as Per R.T.E. 2009 Workshop No.1
2June 2012Dt. 06 to 08 June 2012Material development Workshop No.2
3June 2012Dt. 19 to 21 June 2012Material development Workshop No.3
4July 2012        Dt. 03 to 06 July 2012Material development Workshop No.4
5July 2012Dt. 17 to 18 July 2012Material development Workshop No.5
6July 2012Dt. 26 to 28 July 2012           Material development Workshop No.6
7July 2012Dt. 05 July 2012Project Block Head Masters meeting for planning.
8August 2012Dt. 03 August 2012Principal/Co-ordinators District 
extention Centres and Principal Diet’s meeting.
9August 2012Dt. 07 to 10 August 2012Material development Workshop 
10August 2012Dt. 21 August to 1 Sept.2012Material development Workshop 
11August 2012Dt. 20 to 22 August 2012Project Block Development use of 
Educational Aids Trg.
12Sept. 2012Dt. 13 to 15 Sept. 2012Project Block Scholarship 
Training and R.T.E. 2009 Child 
Centres Education trg. try out.
13Sept. 2012Dt. 05 to 07 Sept. 2012Material development Workshop 
14Sept. 2012Dt. 11 to 15 Sept. 2012Material development Workshop 
15Sept. 2012Dt. 17 to 18 Sept. 2012Material development Workshop 
16Sept. 2012Dt. 25 to 28 Sept. 2012Material development Workshop 
17Oct. 2012Dt. 02 to 04 Oct. 2012Planning Meeting
18Oct. 2012Dt. 05 to 20 Oct. 2012State level Training
19Oct. 2012Dt. 17 to 23 Oct. 2012Translation Workshop No.1
20Oct. 2012Dt. 30 to 31 Oct. 2012Project Block Educational 
Technologies Training.
21Nov. 2012Dt. 19 to 23 Nov. 2012Translation Workshop No.2
22Nov. 2012Dt. 27th Nov 2012District Co-ordinator Officers meeting
23Nov. 2012Dt. 29 to 30 Nov. 2012Project Block Puppetory Training
24Jan. 2013Dt. 07 to 08 Jan. 2013           Project Block Geetmanch 
25Feb. 2013Dt. 20 to 21 Feb. 2013Project Block Language Skill and 
games Training
26March. 2013Dt. 21 March 2013State level innovation compitions 
prize Distribution
27March. 2013Dt. 28 March 2013Project Block Head Masters 
review meeting,Prize Distribution 
and Education Material exhibition

Women Education Cell


This cell has been developed in 1990-91 for girls/women education. This Cell works for gender equity.Objectives:

  1. To aware teachers and other related persons about gender equity.
  2. To develop material about girls’/women’s education.
  3. Orientation of field officers, headmasters for gender equity and girls education.
  4. To develop gender equity from childhood among the children.
Sr. NoMonthDurationDetails
1May. 201210 May 2012Material Development and Training planning meeting
2May. 201228 to 30 may,2012Material Development Workshop No.1
3June. 20125 to 7 June 2012Material Development Workshop No.2
4June. 201220 to 22 June 2012Material Development Workshop No.3
5July 20124 to 7 July 2012Material Development Workshop No.4
6July 201211 to 13 July 2012Material Development Workshop No.5
7July 201223 to 26 July 2012Workshop for State level training planning
8July 201227 to 31 July, 2012Gender training for Field Officers
9August 20124 Aug. 2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 1
10Sept. 20125 to 6 Sept. 2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 2
11Sept. 201210 to 13 Sept. 2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 3
12Sept. 201225 to 26 Sept.  2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 4
13Oct. 201222 to 23 Oct. 2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 5
14Nov. 201221 to 24 Nov. 2012Meena Radio Script verification Workshop No. 6
15Dec. 201221 Dec. 2012Meena Gender Coordinators’ meeting-Meena Raju